These 5 Habits Used Be Part Of Society Until They Died Away!

If you ever take a look back into the customs and generally accepted social rules that people followed in each decade, you’re going to noticed that there are some styles and things that would NEVER work today? Yet at one point in society, they were the norm and everybody accepted them as such without too much deeper thought. We might laugh at some of the things that we might consider to be archaic, but upon a second look there are some things that would be worth brining back into modern society. Why else do you think that older people are complaining about millennial and their lack of real-life skills? Here’s 5 awesome habits of the past that deserve a blast in the modern age!

1) Courtship was highly valued over ‘hooking up’. Yup, long before you could swipe right to find Mr or Mrs Right, society dictated that courtship was the way to go with women. People valued the benefits and the security behind long-term relationships, and dates were done between two people instead of large groups!

2) TELEPHONES. Can you IMAGINE a world without the smartphones that we had today? Hard to do, but back then people had to pick up a normal telephone, remember the person’s number (if it wasn’t written down), and have an actual conversation with them. There’s just something about it that texting can’t replace!

3) People actually DANCED. Ignoring the abomination that is twerking, people danced in a traditional, formal way without looking awkward in front of everybody else!

4) Eating wholesome home-cooked meals was the norm. Take-out meals and restaurants were not very popular way back when, and so you ate whatever it was that Mom worked hard to whip up for the family. Didn’t like it? TOUGH LUCK!

5) “Sexy” had an entirely different meaning! Showing skin was not something looked highly upon, and women were able to make modesty look good, EVEN in more conservative swimwear!

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