These Dogs Just LOVE The Autumn Weather!

Unfortunately, the autumn months of beautiful leaves and crisp yet not too cold temperatures is far behind us now. All we can do is look back on the photos we have taken and lament over the good times that we have had. It will be another 9 months or so before we get to experienced that joyful weather again.

Luckily, we have things like YouTube that allow us to relive those memories and feel like we’re back in time for just a brief moment. In the video below, canine best friends Maymo and Penny intrude a man who has just finished raking all of the leaves in his backyard. Turns out the two dogs thought that it was a play area meant just for them!

And these dogs go nuts! They can’t help themselves but jump all over the leaves to get that distinct “crunch” noise that we know all too well, and revel themselves in the delicious smells of the fall season.

The fact that they’re so incredibly happy only goes to show how good of a job their owner is doing with taking care of them. Just one more reason why people should get a rescue dog!

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