8 New Pet Care Resolutions To Take In 2016!

It’s that time when everybody starts making resolutions for the new year, SWEARING that this time they will be able to turn over a new leaf and start their lives anew. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that over 90% of us fail to meet our resolutions and end up living the same old tired lives that we do year after year. It’s one thing when we fail on our own resolutions, but how about the ones that we fail to meet for our pets? Heck, none of us even have thought of making a resolution that involves being a better owner to our pets! Today that’s about to change, as I present to you 8 brand spanking new resolution that you can take to ensure better health and happiness for your animals!

Resolution #1: Time to update those tags! That means your pet’s ID tags should be updated in the case that they get lost. If you’ve moved, make sure their tags and microchips are updated accordingly!

Resolution #2: Keep an chronological, organized record of your pet’s medical history. The same way that you have a pamphlet or two summarizing your health activities over the years, you should also have one for your pet. Visits to the vet, medications, and anything else that’s worth recording should go here.

Resolution #3: Teach an (old) dog a new trick! You know how they say that humans benefit from mental challenges like crosswords and brain puzzles? For dogs, that mental stamina and health comes from learning new things, such as tricks!

Resolution #4: Measure your pet’s daily food intake. If your dog is gaining or losing weight at an alarming rate, it would be well worth your while to record the exact portions sizes you’re feeding them. You can ask your local vet to help you out with this!

Resolution #5: Set up an emergency rainy day fund for your pet. Even with the best care, things can happen out of nowhere and cost a surprisingly amount of money to fix! Having this emergency money on hand can get you out of these situations fast!

Resolution #6: Ensure that your pet regularly socializes with others. If you have any friends that also have pets, set up a play date. Improving their social skills will greatly benefit their mental health!

Resolution #7: Get rid of any old or unused toys! Not only do they take up a lot of space, but many of them can get some nasty germs that you really don’t want flying around in your house. Clean them up and give them to another pet that will actually use them!

Resolution #8: Brush your pet more often! Not only does it ensure that their coats keeps that smooth look and feel, but it also reduces the amount of hair shedding they do all over your house.

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