A Blind Dog Spends A Month Being Trapped In A Well….Will Someone Rescue Him?!

Christmas the blind pooch was out strolling one day in Bosnia, searching for food. Out of nowhere, he found himself trapped in a deep well and unable to escape. What was he going to do in order to get out of the well? He barked and barked but nobody came to his rescue. Fortunately for him, local kids were not able to pull him out, but they did throw food down the hole often enough to keep him alive.

After a month of being trapped, he was eventually rescued by veteran rescuers Fahrudin Caki Bravo and Ratio Koblar, when they heard the story about a trapped dog that nobody had rescued yet. One of the men had to climb all the way down into the hole, attached the dog to a harness that was already attached to a rope, while the other man pulled him out with his own strength!

The two men in the video below tell us that there no hole that is ever too deep or dark for them to rescue an animal, and that they will do whatever it takes to rescue them. You can really see how dedicated and committed they are to their jobs!

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