A Firefighter Reads A Child’s Story To A Young Victim Of An Accident…You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next!

In Chandler, Arizona, Shana Pacheco and her two kids were involved in a fatal car accident. Luckily for them, pediatric nurse Seffani Blair happened to be passing by and was able to call the authorities to get assistance. Blair stayed with the family until they arrived, but what happened next went viral and you’ll shortly be able to see why!

Ambulance, firefighters, and the police arrived on the scene to help the family. However, one of the little boys, Lucas, was left alone while the other two were being tended to. Firefighter Russell Whaley wanted to cheer the little boy up, and so he took out a children’s book, sat Lucas on his lap, and started reading to him. Blair took a photo of this, shared it on Facebook, and now everybody can’t stop talking about it!

The photo serves as a reminder of the selflessness of our emergency workers, and how they need more of our attention and support. Their jobs involve risking their lives on a daily basis, and they are too often under appreciated because nobody is able to see the hard work that they are doing each and every day.

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