A Homeless Couple Receives An Incredible Act Of Kindness From A Police Officer!

Meet David “Rocky” Bartlett and his wife from Tampa Bay, Florida, who have lived together happily for over 20 years but are unfortunately homeless. They can’t afford any place in the city, and so they take solace in a small isolated part of the woods in which they have their own bed, table, kitchenware, and a cute dog to keep them company during the hard times!

But being realistic about their situation, they both know that they can’t keep this up. With both of them sick, they know that at some point the chickens will come home to roost.

And shockingly, they haven’t even been able to afford the $94 marriage license in the state so that they could finally say their marriage vows! How depressing, and for such a loving and law-abiding couple too!

Out of nowhere comes Tampa Police Officer Dan McDonald, who teamed up with a charity to help fund the wedding and a photographer to take some high quality photos of their wedding!

The video below shows you the news coverage and an in-depth interview with Officer McDonald himself on why he felt particularly motivated to help these two lovebirds.

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