A Little Gymnast Wishes Her Father Was There With Her…Little Does She Know Who’s Behind Her!

Emma was a little girl who loves nothing more than her gymnastics class. She gets to flip and tumble all around, hang out with her good friends, and has a lot of fun doing it! In fact, she’s set up her own dance routine that she will be performing as part of a local competition. However, in spite of all her hard work and enthusiasm, something for the past few months wasn’t quite right in her life.

Her military dad had been gone for a long time, and she wasn’t sure if he was ever going to come back, at least not within the calendar year. A bit upset by this but still strong in her belief that she can win the competition, she moves on and gets ready to perform.

It’s the day of the competition, and she’s waiting in line to perform her routine. All of a sudden, a news reporter comes up to her and asks what her biggest wish for the competition was. It wasn’t a gold medal, but rather that her father could be there to see her perform for the very first time.

However, the news reporter has a little surprise for her. She tells the gymnast to turn around, and lo and behold, her father was standing right behind her! He was able to sneaky enter the gym and stay undercover without being seen, and the plan worked beautifully!

We don’t know if Emma won the competition or not, but we do know that this happy family reunion was more than she could ask for, and weights more than some medal!

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