A Man Mistakenly Receives An Email That Sends Up Saving His Life!

Marc Gelinas was excited to get engaged to his fiancé Donna Fredrick, but four days after the proposal, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. All seemed lost for him, and he came very close to putting off the entire wedding that they had worked so hard to plan.

But sometimes, crazy things can happen to us and for the best of reasons. Donna was later included in part of a seemingly unrelated chain from a company called Mattress Firm that was doing research on pancreatic cancer! All of their stores were decorated purple as a means of showing support for the disease, to which they had donated $2 million for its research!

The mix-up, in hindsight, was due to a company party in which Donna’s email was accidentally added to the wrong mailing list. However, this ended up being a life saver for Marc because the company was able to connect him with the staff at Emory Hospital, who was then able to perform the necessary surgery to have the tumour removed! And even better was that Marc contacted them in time while the tumour was small enough to remove by surgery, otherwise that option would not have been available to him.

We’re happy to report that the couple has finally gotten married, and that Marc now lives cancer free! Watch the inspirational story in the video below!

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