A Man Reunites With A Gorilla In The Wild That He Raised 5 Years Ago!

Gorillas are by far one of the largest and most intimidating animals on land that you will ever meet. They may look cute as babies, but they can grow very quickly into massive beasts that have the power to crush you within mere seconds. In spite of that, many species of gorilla in the world are becoming extinct. This crisis is counteracted by the Aspinall Foundation, which takes captive gorillas facing extinction and reintroduces them to their natural habitat by transferring them to an African reserve,

Damian Aspinall manages the foundation, and has dealt with many gorillas. But one gorilla, who goes by Kwibi, will always stand out to him the most!

The two were near inseparable while being held captive in Howlers Wild Animal Park in England, but were later separated when it was time for Kwibi to be released into the wild. Damian was curious to see how his primate friend was doing, and wanted to check up on him.

But it’s not as easy as you think – some gorillas tend to be very aggressive towards humans who try to come close to them, and Kwibi was no exception. Damian, however, had faith that Kwibi’s memory would kick in!

The video below shows their heartbreaking reunion – I almost shed a tear watching it!

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