A Pig Gets A Belly Rub, Making His Canine Friend JEALOUS!

I’m aware that there are certain emotions that animals can feel, very similar to that of humans. They’ll get sad and lonely like we do if they aren’t getting affection from their owners or fellow animals, feel happy like us when something great happens or they see a loved one again, and angry when someone hurts them or a fellow animal that they love. But jealousy?! Never would have thought of an animal feeling it!

At least, not until I saw the video below of a baby pig and his canine friend! Poppy the piglet’s favourite thing is to receive belly rubs from Pam Ahern, founder of the Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia.

However, watching them is Ruby the neighbour dog, and dislikes watching this scene of cute affection! The moment that Poppy starts getting the belly rub, Ruby runs towards them and starts jumping and barking like crazy!

I can say that I relate to Ruby’s jealousy – I certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun and enjoyment of having somebody make me feel good, and would want in on the action too. Maybe Ruby isn’t getting enough love at his home and is looking around? Hard to say!

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