A Poor Little Girl Was Superglued To A Toilet Seat By 2 Cruel Teenagers!

We all get pranked from time to time growing up, or we get the idea to prank others just for the fun of it (with the obvious exception of April Fool’s). However, it can be said that we recognize certain limits and know when a prank is going way too far. Either the prankster or the victim gets severely hurt due to a mis-understanding, it ends up insulting someone deeply in a way that involves something personal and/or traumatic, or it can end up damaging people beyond who the prank was intended for.

Four-year-old Kaya was with her mother Nicole at a local McDonald’s in the UK. Kaya wanted to use the washroom like a big girl and her mother obliged. However, two laughing teenage girls were leaving the bathroom before Kaya went in. Thinking nothing of it, she went in to use the toilet. However, minutes later Kaya comes out of the bathroom screaming and crying and in pain!

It turns out that the two laughing girls had put superglue on the toilet, and when Kaya tried to get off the toilet seat, the skin was ripped off from the back of her legs.

Police are trying to figure out who the teenage girls were, and everyone is spreading this message virally to warn parents of checking their surroundings before allowing their kids to use the bathroom in public places.

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