ADORABLE: Check Out This Cute Animation About A Girl And Her Snowman!

I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas specials when they’re done right. The really good ones aren’t corny, yet they are able to install a special kind of holiday magic that will have you watching the film over and over again. Even when the holidays are long gone! I have very few films in this category, but if you were to ask me, one of my favourites would have to be Polar Express.

However, I found a new short animation that might be up there with one of my all-time holiday favourites! Lily is a little girl who builds a snowman and accidentally creates a new best friend for her to spend the holidays with. She cares for him so much that every single year, she is able to preserve his body and spirit before the warmer weather melts him away.

However, life goes on, and as the girl loses her enthusiasm for the Christmas magic, so wanes her interest in the snowman. With a life that’s keeping her busy, she completely forgets about him and they don’t see one another for many years to come.

However, the story doesn’t end there! Without spoiling it for you, the ending is heartwarming and something that you wouldn’t have seen coming!

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