After 50 Hours Of Being Stuck In An Airport, This Man Texts A Marriage Proposal To His Girlfriend!

Danny Roderique had amazing plans following his travels: He wanted to propose to his girlfriend with a beautiful new diamond ring that he bought for their engagement, and he had his entire speech and schtick ready to go!

Unfortuatnely, there was just one small problem: He found himself stranded at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport due to a delayed flight. But we’re not talking about your typical 3 or 3 hour layoff – he found himself there for a whopping 50 HOURS!

With nothing else left to do, and seeing no other option, he decides to go bold and TEXT his marriage proposal to his girlfriend with a very simple two words: “Marry me”

In an era of bombastic proposals and elaborate setups, you would think that something such as this would be relatively unimpressive. However, his girlfriend Heather didn’t think so as the excitedly proclaimed that she absolutely would love to marry him!

Of course, moments like this show us that it’s really the thoughts and love we feel for each other that counts, and that it’s not always about having that 100% perfect Disney magic moment when we get ready to commit to that special person for the rest of our lives!

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