After A Tragic House Fire, This Airman Finally Reunites With His Three Dogs!

Airman Alex Rodriguez was working at the MacDill Air Force Base, and was returning home after a hard day of work. However, upon returning home he saw that his house was on FIRE! And to make matters worse, his three dogs (Cache, Cyl, Emma) were in the home and unable to escape! He was fortunate enough to grab his dogs and escape in a flash unharmed, but they inhaled a lot of smoke and was worried that they had inhaled too much!

Thinking on his feet, he rushed to a local vet in Florida and was wondering if they had any chance of survive at all! He was very emotional and concerned as the doctors did their absolute best to treat them using oxygen therapy and steady antibiotics.

As Rodriguez waiting for several hours, he was ecstatic when he heard that all 3 of his dogs were going to make a FULLY recovery!

You can see his emotional reaction in the video below, along with lots of support from his local community to help pay off the very expensive costs of the veterinary care. This was a truly lucky moment for him and his dogs!

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