After Going In A Coma, Mom Wakes Up To Give Birth!

It’s not too often that miracles happen right after accidents that seem to have no plausibly good outcome out of them, yet they do. We can’t always explain these miracles away with modern science and logic, at least not yet, so the best we can do is embrace the miracle and thank our lucky stars every day that we were blessed with them.

Jenny Quiles was hit by a tow truck WHILE pregnant at 33 weeks old. Luckily the baby was still alive, but doctors had to put her in a coma to lower brain trauma. It was very uncertain amongst the husband and the doctors if she was going to deliver a healthy baby free of complications…that is, if she would live to deliver it in the first place!

However, a miracle happened: Two weeks following the coma induction, she woke up and was able to give birth to a beautiful and health baby boy! And the best part is that after they went home, Jenny is still able to do all the normal things that she was able to do.

She and her husband Angel thank God every day for the miraculous luck they experienced, and the opportunity they have to love each other every single day.

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