After Years Of Being Chained, This Bull Is Finally Being Set Free!

It can be an awful experience for an animal to spend most, if not their entire lives chained, unable to be free. In fact, there’s a very common experiment discussed in introductory psychology classes where a baby elephant is tied to a chain from birth, and after some time passes by, the chain is replaced with thin rope and a wooden stake loosely placed in the ground. The elephant¬†believes it is so utterly helpless that it will not even try to move, EVEN WHEN IT IS FULLY GROWN!

That’s exactly how Bandit the bull felt his entire life, until he was rescued by Gut Aiderbichl, a refuge that rescues animals from terrible living conditions in which they are neglected, abused, and eventually killed.

In the video below, you’re going to see the very moment when Bandit is completely free to run around at his own will without any restrictions. With his chains gone and an entire field to his own, he anxiously runs out but eventually embraces the freedom that he has never had for as long as he can remember!

You would think that bulls are evil animals, but Bandit even embraces Chrisitian, the sanctuary worker, for freeing him!

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