Amazing Orchestral Cover Of “Back to The Future” Theme Song By Little Girl!

For those of you who may or may not have heard of this epic movie trilogy, Back To The Future tells the tale of Marty McFly and his wacky genius friend Doc Brown as they journey on the most incredible of adventures in the future and in the past. In addition to its memorable plot and unforgettable humour, the one thing that always draws people back to the series is the incredible composition of the film’s score in every single movie!

In the video below, a little girl uses nothing but her own electronic organ to replicate the theme, which was composed by Alan Silvestri and featured an ENTIRE orchestra. And even though you might not think she has much talent, you will be very surprised to see how many instruments she can replicate using nothing but her own two hands and the piano sitting right in front of her!

And to top things off, she also dresses exceptionally well of the event to show everyone how professional she is! We were huge fans of this cover, and I’m sure that any movie fans watching her performance will be too after watching the video.

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