An Elderly Man Has His Wallet Taken Away From Him…Until A Kind Soul Returns It To Him!

It’s not too often that we have things stolen from us directly under our noses, but it’s the worst feeling to experience when we do. We end up doubting ourselves, wondering if we were silly enough to have dropped it somewhere or placed it poorly in our pockets such that it fell out easily. Either way, all we can do is pray that a good soul out there will see our wallets, not rob us of our money and valuables, and make the effort to try and bring it back to us

76-year-old Jim Lear was shopping when his wallet fell on the floor, unbeknownst to him. Security camera footage in the video below shows a thief noticing this and picking up the wallet for himself. Being the greedy man he is, he withdrew money from ATMs in the city using Jim’s debt card and then threw the rest of the wallet away.

Richard Ochoa happened to be walked in the street when he saw the dropped wallet, and checked the IDs to make sure they were up to date. He was able to eventually come into contact with Jim, and the video below shows the moment when they met face-to-face!

Lear was incredibly grateful for Richard’s selfless act, because there were many more valuables kept in that wallet!

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