COOL: Check Out This Awesome Hack Of “New Super Mario Bros Wii”

For those of you who have never played video games before, or have lived under a rock, everybody is familiar with the Super Mario Bros. series. In recent times, one of the most acclaimed and critically well received titles was Super Mario Bros Wii, in which the classic gameplay is taken to an entirely new level with amazing visual, new power-ups, more powerful baddies, and endless hours of single and multiplayer fun!

Last year, Super Mario Maker was released, where you can have the option to customize and create your own Mario levels to your own liking! However, years before that game was released, one fan decided to go to the next level and hack the game himself, making a new game called New Super Mario Bros. H, in which he takes the original Wii game and constructed entirely new levels from scratch using the game’s texture designs! The music is also original too, which adds even more to the amazing fun of this game.

We’re not sure when the release date will be, but so far it’s near completion and it’s looking amazing! The best part is that it still retains that original platforming feel that everybody knows and loves!

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