BLAST TO THE PAST: Bruce Springsteen Recording “Ain’t Good Enough For You”!

We don’t do this often enough at Viral, but we like to occasionally pay tribute to great musicians of the past who either died too soon, or hit a prime back in their younger days that we often don’t know about. Of course, all of these greats inspired many more musicians after them to put their talents out there and put themselves in front of millions! Even modern artists that are around today credit their career path to the inspiration that these icons provided them!

One of such legends is Bruce Springsteen, known best for his smooth vocals, his recognizable guitar work, and the incredible charisma that he would always bring on stage. One of his under-rated tunes is his Americana-influenced “Ain’t Good Enough For You”, recorded in the late 70s but was unreleased until it was added to his 2010 compilation album The Promise. 

In fact, not only was the tune released, but the rare footage of him recording the song in the studio was also released. In spite of the questionable quality, make no mistake – that voice and musicianship is undeniably that of the Boss himself.

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