Check Out This Awesome Violin Cover Of “Shut Up And Dance”!

Everyone has heard this song on the radio so many times that the lyrics and the main chorus melody is literally stuck in their heads. Of course, I’m talking about the song “Shut Up And Dance” by pop band Walk The Moon, which struck HUGE on the charts last  year. The lyrics are dead simple, the melodies are very catchy, and it’s very hard to get bored of the song with its high energy and positivity!

Of course, with hit songs come an endless storm of covers that seek to stand out from one another in their own unique way. We’ve heard some pretty good ones so far, but we’re going to share one that blew our minds away!

In the video below are two violin players from the group Four Strings Attached that break the song down into something that sounds like a classical music song. Even though they don’t have the barrage of instruments that the pop band did, they still manage to replicate the song’s melodies while creating their own unique sounds that puts them ahead of the crowed!

Sometimes the best covers are instrumental, as the chosen instrument for the vocal melody can strike people in a way that the original vocalist couldn’t!

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