Check Out This Young Cowboy Girl Who Shocks The Judges On “American Idol”!

For those of you who know or don’t know, American Idol is finally coming to a close with its fifteenth and last season airing very soon. It’ll be sad to see such a beloved show that we all know go into the history books, with greats such as Kelly Clarkson benefitting greatly from the exposure that the show provided to young and upcoming artists with lots of untapped potential and talent.

Looking backwards, a contestant that really stood out in our eyes was 15-year-old Jeneve Rose Mitchell. You would think that she’s just some pretty little cowboy trying to impress people with her Southern origins. And given her background of living Amish with kerosene lamps and home-schooling, well, let’s just say all those stereotypes that we have hidden in our head would come to light again!

The judgy judges (pun intended) get ready to hear her sing, but are instantly blown away the second she starts singing with her beautiful voice, WHILE playing the cello! Most vocalists come with nothing but their voice again, so it was refreshing to see an artist show off multiple talents at the same time!

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