COOL: Listen To Freddie Mercury’s Vocals On Their Own In “We Are The Champions”!

Even though you may not be a fan of classic rock, everybody at some point has heard of the name Freddie Mercury, lead singer and writer of the rock band Queen. Although he has passed away long ago, he is still remembered as a legendary icon. Not only was he an exceptional writer of some songs that are still popular today, but he was also known for having a vocal range that very few singers in history have ever been able to achieve.

In the video below, you’re going to hear a very rare recording session of their hit song “We Are The Champions”. They took our the vocals of Freddie Mercury, and put them on the place of one of his concert videos.

With the background vocals and harmonies accompanying his voice, it’s a truly majestic work of art to hear! And especially for a song that was written and released all the way in 1977. It is now the signature arena rock song, in which the audience is encouraged to sing and dance along with the rock band! The Grammy Hall of Fame would agree, as the song was inducted in 2009 and is now known as the quintessential anthem for victory!

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