COOL: This School Bans Technology To Promote Imagination And Innovation

Sure, we always lament about how there are benefits to having periods of the year where we disconnect from excessive technology and social media use so that we can recharge ourselves and gain greater perspective on what is truly important in life. In fact, the London Acorn school has taken so greatly to this concept of ‘disconnecting’ that they have gone as far as to ban technology from the classroom, in addition to imposing strict rules for home usage.

So how do these kids possibly survive? Well, the way they did before all these new gizmos came about – chalkboards, pen + paper, and tactile lessons for self-discovery!

Some people have heavily criticized the school, but the response back is that this kind of environment is what’s truly key to fostering creativity and imagination within young kids.

However, this policy isn’t 100% strict. Computers and cameras are introduced to the kids once they have turned 14 years old, and this was put in place because they recognize the obvious value that technology has in society for older teens and adults. If you’ve been part of their program for a while and then turned 14, by then you have learned how to value your time, control yourself around computers, and be a more well-adjusted human being.

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