CUTE: These Adorable Dogs Help Prisoners Lead Calmer Lives!

Life can be very tough and unforgiving for inmates living in the prison system, having lost of all the basic social freedoms and privileges that we very often take for granted. It is very easy to feel like their lives are over, and that they will never be able to make peace with themselves and their past life as criminals. Lots of programs have been installed all around the country to help prisoners rehabilitate their minds towards a better life, but one method that’s been shown to be shockingly effective is the use of dogs!

And not just any dogs either – strays that have been abandoned and need the loving and care that has been absent for much of their lives. It ends up being a perfect combination for both the prisoner and the dog, with both parties being better off for having found each other!

Think about it Рthe dogs finally have somebody that wants to be around then, and no longer have to worry about the harshness of their immediate situation. As for the prisoners, they get a chance to loosen up and take their minds off the living situation that they are in. Hard to argue with a win-win situation like that! Below is video footage of the program in effect, along with testimonials from prisoners about the difference the program has made in their lives.

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