D’AWW: A Man And His Cat Have The Closest Loving Bond Ever!

It’s rare to see a man own a cat on his own without having a dog or some other sort of pet first. Everyone always sees that man with a faithful canine by his side as “masculine”, but you don’t see anybody throwing around that word for a man who only has a cute feline for a pet. Not sure why that is, but society just doesn’t seem to think much of cats in the way of strength and aggressiveness. I guess maybe that’s why somebody would gravitate toward them.

But in spite of what other people may think, the independent and sometimes mean nature of cats is overplayed in the media. Cats have varying personalities just like dogs too, and sometimes their previous upbringing can have a large effect on their attitude. That means the owner may need to show more compassion than before to rehabilitate the cat the towards a loving environment.

The video below is a great example of how cats can be just as loving of their owners as any other domestic pet around. We’re not even joking around on this one – this is seriously some of the most affectionate and adoring¬†behaviour that you can expect to see in a cat that has a very strong bond with its owner. If I ever have a cat someday, I want him to love me just as much as the cat in the video loves his owner, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen!

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