D’AWW: Baby Bunnies Take A Nap In Wine Glasses!

Guys, I know it’s already the end of the year and everybody is making their compilations for what they consider to be the cutest animal videos of al time, but just take a second and reconsider that it’s not too late to add THIS adorable video to the collection!

Below is a video of four precious little baby bunnies who are all tired, and need their naps so that they can grow up to be big and healthy from all that beauty rest. But they only nap when they know that there is little to no chance of being treated by a predator!

So where are these bunnies going to choose to sleep for the next few hours! In WINE GLASSES! Yup, you heard right – these little critters are able to fit comfortably into these wine glasses and start sleeping within mere seconds! The compressed space may seem like a problem, but it’s thanks to the fluffiness of their fur that they can adapt their bodies to the glasses.

But PLEASE keep in mind that you probably shouldn’t do this with your own pet rabbits at home. These bunnies have probably done something like this before, otherwise they would frantically be trying to escape and end up breaking the glass in the process of doing so. Plus, above all, they are comfortable in the glass environment they are in!

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