DID YOU KNOW: 5 Urban Myths That Are Dead Wrong!

You’ve probably heard a couple of them in your lifetime. Somebody says them, and the other person believes them without further questioning. It gets passed around enough, enough people believe it, and then suddenly you end up believing it too!

We’re talking about urban myths (old wives’ tales, rumours, things your grandmother told you, etc). People who spread these things aren’t necessarily dumb, but it’s just things that we tend to accept without thinking about too deeply. At the time of accepting these, we don’t have a particularly strong reason to disbelieve them!

1) Your blood is blue when it’s in your veins. This one is really easy to get wrong, because often times in textbooks we show blood as blue and red. The belief is that blood has not yet reached oxygen while in your veins, hence the colour. But in fact your blood is always red no matter what! Your skin just happens to distort the colour!

2) Sugar turns you into a hyper wall-bouncing machine! There are also other factors involved here, such as the kids being excited about having candy, and the BELIEF that your kids will be hyper after eating sugar that propagates this myth. It’s not the sugar alone!

3) Caffeine makes your shorter and stops growth. Research has shown time and time again that caffeine has zero effect on gain in bone tissue, or the density of the bone.

4) You only use 10% of your brain. Albert Einstein said that we only use 10% of our intellectual POTENTIAL, not our brain. The fact of the matter is that we’re always using 100% of our brain’s physical function.

5) When the Earth is closer to the Sun, summer comes. This is actually due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis – in fact – our distance from the Sun is consistent year round! Summertime is when our axis is more title towards the Sun.

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