DID YOU KNOW: Putting An Onion In Your Sock Can Cure Common Ailments!

I have heard of some pretty bizarre old-time traditions when it comes to using natural products and readily available household materials to cure common ailments. There’s one involving the use of apple cider vinegar to fix several problems that we have featured here on Viral a while back, but you have to ask a LOT of grandmas or do some serious Internet searching to come across them.

I recently heard about this phenomenon where people cut onions and put them in their socks to cure things like fever, colds, and flus. It’s a very strange thing, but apparently a lot of people are swearing by it and say that it works within just a few days!

Even homeopathic doctors such as Dr. Lauren Feder have a strong belief in the healing powers of the onion’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and have used this technique in practice with their patients!

And it sounds as simple as you would think – you cut up an onion (any colour works), attach it to the proper place on your foot, put your socks over it, elevate your feet, and sleep away! The video below will guide you through the entire process.

Let us know in the comments if this has ever worked for you or anybody else you know!

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