DID YOU KNOW: Six Ways That Your Dog Says “I Love You”!

It’s hard for us to know what our pets are thinking sometimes. We do the best we can to feed them, love them, and provide them with shelter, but what are they really thinking about us? Do they love us, or do they secretly resent us for some reason that we’ll never know? Unless somebody comes by with the magical powers of Dr. Dolittle, we’re going to have to pay attention to the very subtle signs that dogs have developed to show their affection towards their owners. Here’s six established ways that your dog may show their love towards you.

1) Leaning on you. Even if it’s not a display of love, the dog is still signalling that he is relying on you for comfort and security. Maybe he’s anxious, or wants you to take him to the park, but it’s one of the more obvious cues you will see from your dog.

2) Staring right into your eyes for an extended period of time. This is a dog’s way of ‘hugging’ you, because he feels the same thing you do when you hug another person. But don’t try to force the eye contact, because it has to happen during normal routines!

3) Cuddling with you after he eats a meal. Generally, what a dog does right after a meal will tell you what is most important to him. If he often wants to snuggle up beside you after eating, you know you’re doing something right!

4) Jumping ecstatically when you come home! This one is something you already know, but is worth re-mentioning. This is how a dog best shows love when he misses you!

5) He often sleeps in your room. You might view this as an annoyance, but in fact it’s a test of his loyalty because he doesn’t want to be separated from you!

6) He brings you his favourite toy! It means that he wants to play, but it also means a lot more than that! He views you at the leader, and wants to make you happy by giving you something that is valuable to him!

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