DID YOU KNOW: Your Lipstick Colour Says A Lot About Your Personality!

Just recently on Viral, we talked about how something like your eye colour can reveal a lot more than you think about the type of personality that you have. Of course, short of surgery or buying eye contacts, eye colour is something that we have from birth and are unable to change. But what about things that you have a choice in, such as the colour of lipstick that you wear? Well, turns out that it also reveals some aspects of your personality. Read on!

Bright red: Represents passion & confidence, while making a very bold statement about who you are.

Mauve: Not a person who likes to show off, but is competent in what they are doing. Loves to plan first before taking action.

Subtle Red: Shows that you are modest in nature, but not a complete wallflower.

Peach: This shade of lipstick reveals someone who is generous and very caring about their friends and family.

Bright Pink: Similar to the bright red, but this one has more to do with adventures and risk-taking, saying ‘yes’ to all the new experiences in your life.

Wine (violet): Lives in the moment, can be very seductive in nature.

Baby Pink: You have a ‘cute and cuddly’ personality, very friendly and personable around others.

Taupe: You tend to be very good at focusing deeply, and finding deeper meanings behind things.

Unique Colour: We’re talking about yellow, blue, green, or anything on that spectrum. Shows a very active imagination with an artsy side.

Black: Shows off a dark side when it comes to your humour and personality!

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