EPIC: These Boy Scouts Fight A Bear Using The Skills They’ve Learned!

For anybody who has or hasn’t seen the trailer for The Revenant, you’ll probably recount that now viral scene where Leonardo DiCaprio is getting viciously attacked by a bear. Well, something very similar happens in the story below, except that it’s a bunch of Boy Scouts trying to save their leader from a wild bear. Read on to see how this standoff ends!

Franke and Vincent Lepore from New Jersey were on a Boy Scouts trip when their leader Christopher Pretronino was dragged into a cave by a wild bear. Thinking on their feet, they immediately called 911 and hatched a plan.

The first thing on their to-do list was making an emergency fire so that emergency responders would be able to find them. The second thing they did was using Christopher’s dog, who was able to bark loud enough and scare the bear away from Christopher’s location. It’s good that they acted fast, because Chris escaped with minor injuries and was carried to the hospital by helicopter.

I have to say that I’m impressed, because I would have probably pooped my pants in fear and panicked instead of taking immediate action like these guys did!

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