Ever Wondered Why The Wedding Ring Goes On The Fourth Finger? HERE’S WHY!

If you’ve ever been part of a wedding process, everything about it is just magical and awe-spiring. But there’s nothing that compares to the very fateful moment when the rings are placed, and on the ‘ring finger’ as well! But did you ever wonder why tradition calls for that finger, and not any other? Seems like a weird thing when you think about it, almost as if some random dude decided it was going to be that finger and then everybody else followed suit!

But believe it or not, there’s actually a reason why that goes way back in history. It comes from Chinese tradition, which upholds the belief that there’s no bond stronger than that of marriage. The video below will explain why the ring finger was chosen using nothing but a simple set of instructions involving hand movements. We won’t mention them here, because it’s much more fascinating to try it out and come to the same conclusion for yourself!

I don’t know if this theory is 100% true, or if I agree with it entirely, but it does lay that age old mystery to rest and I’m curious to see if there are other explanations out there for this tradition!

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