Five Ways To Keep Your Liver In Tip Top Shape!

You might not think much about your liver except for the fact that it exists in your body, but it’s an essential organ that is responsible for ensuring your health and longevity. For those of you who never took any anatomy or biology classes, it’s a super-complex filtration system that distributes everything that goes in your body as either nutrients for your body, or waste to be excreted. Thus, it’s kinda important that you make sure it’s working ’round the clock! Here’s 5 easy ways to make sure that happens!

1) Drink coffee. We told you these tips were going to be easy! This is one you’re already doing, but you might like to know that it lowers your risk of liver disease by as much as 14%!

2) Avoid foods with the low-fat label. Foods of this type tend to be overly processed, in spite of having the fat removed. Since the fat was what provided the taste, more sugars are infused to provide that great taste. Of course, all of this only lowers your liver’s ability to perform!

3) That said, eat healthy fats! These foods will help detoxify the liver and filter out harmful substances! That means you’re looking to eat things like avocados, olives, and pumpkin seeds!

4) Avoid direct contact with toxins. Anything like cleaning products, air sprays, and insecticides come to mind. Your liver is actually harmed by having to put in the extra effort to filter these things out! Use natural, chemical-free products to overcome this problem.

5) Here’s a harder one…try to go easy on the alcohol! We’re not saying you have to be a saint for the rest of your life, but too much of this can lead to oxidative stress, a process that can damage the liver cells and hurt its function. Try to be mindful and follow government-approved health guidelines for alcohol consumption.

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