FLASHBACK: Sonika Vaid Blows Socks Off Of ‘American Idol’ Judges With Carrie Underwood Cover!

It’s going to be said seeing American Idol go away once and for all, as we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see a lot of incredibly talented singers and artists come and go on the stage, or make it all the way through to the finals and get the record deal that they have always wanted so long. Even if they didn’t win first place, there are just some people who we will never be able to forget!


One of such contestants would have to be 20-year-old Sonika Vaid of Vineyard, MA. Standing right in front of the judges, she decides to go with “Look At Me” by Carrie Underwood. As early as the first couple of seconds into her performance, the judges already saw and agreed unanimously that she was going to be a bit star someday. She was over-whelmed by all the praise she received afterwards!

“You sang beautifully. That was a perfect performance. I was totally engaged. This was one of the only times this particular season that I saw somebody that I actually think could win this thing, with a voice like that. That’s a pure God-given voice,” said judge Harry Connick Jr

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