Have A Laugh And Raise Money For Less-Than-Fortuante Kids With This HILARIOUS Video!

It’s about that time of the year where the winter holidays are finally over, and we return back to work as early as tomorrow so that we can resume our productive lives. Of course, this also means saying goodbye to our all day long binges of Netflix series, fattening food, and endless pursuits outside with all of our friends. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t have a laugh from time to time!

The video below is a spoof of the famous show Downtown Abbey, created by Ella’s Kitchen as support for Save The Children to raise awareness of Jingle Belly, their latest and holiday-inspired product.

They’ve casted some funny kids to mock the royalty featured in the show, and every single impression will have you wondering how they can mirror others so darn well!

The plot for the parody goes as follows: The staff is rushing around to come up with solutions when the oven breaks, and worries that the Christmas season will end up as a tragedy!

Jingle Belly is proposed as a solution – marketed as a digestible meal that combines flavours and bits from your most enjoyable holiday dishes!

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