Here’s How To Tell If A Deceased Close One Is Visiting You In Your Dreams!

Even though we have some really weird dreams that are almost unexplainable sometimes, at the end of the day we can breathe a heavy sigh of relief because we know that they are not real at the end of the day. It’s not like we’ve suddenly acquired psychic powers that allow us to see things in the future and stop them before they happen (Final Destination, anyone?).

However, an interesting phenomenon that occurs more often than you would think is that of being visited by a deceased loved one while you sleep. These are called “visitation dreams”, and are gaining more attention amongst spiritual communities and certain organizations specializing in psychology.

Patrick McNamara, Ph.D., writes in Psychology Today that when they visit you in your dreams, they end up appearing as they would have normally looked in life, and not as they did when they fell ill to whatever ailment was taking their life away. This symbolizes the fact that in the afterlife, they are OK and are still supporting you. However, the deceased one will not directly tell you this, and it will be delivered mentally or through telepathy.

In the video below, psychic Lauri Moore delves deeper into the topic and asks you some questions to see if you’ve experienced such a dream before.

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