HOLY COW: This Penguin Almost Gets Eaten Alive By Killer Whale!

I’ve seen killer whales here and there, largely during visits of aquatic zoos and Seaworld once or twice. The only thing I knew about them was that they liked eating fish, and could be tamed by human beings to do tricks and other cool stuff. What I didn’t know was how predatory they were in nature and the types of animals they were eating in the wild. This shocking video that I’m about to show you will reveal just that!

A group of boaters are in the sea, minding their own business when suddenly they noticed that a group of killer whales were making a circle around the boat. This seemed awfully suspicious to them because killer whales aren’t known for hunting humans at all. But a few seconds later, they noticed another dark object that was swimming towards them, bobbing its head out of the water on occasion. It jumps out of the water, and ON to the boat. Then the boaters realized what it was – A PENGUIN!

See, it was trying to escape the whales so that it wouldn’t end up being lunch, and got onto to the boat to seek safety from his predators. Luckily for him, he was with some very friendly humans and the boaters had no problem keeping him on the boat!

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