I’ve seen some pretty freaky things in my life that I thought were unreal at first, but on a closer look had a pretty simple explanation to them or were just so complex that I couldn’t even envision it. If any of you remember that viral meme going around the Internet in 2015 with the dress being black & blue or white & gold, then you’re going to LOVE this!

You see that image above? It looks like a beautiful rainbow cake, ready for attack¬†by a bunch of hungry people. But if you spin the cake around, you’ll have to do a double take because you’ll SWEAR that it’s changing colours right in front of you as you turn it!

I thought that the entire thing was a hoax until I learned of the cool technique they used to make this cake. It involves airbrushing the cake form completely opposite directions with different colours.

YouTuber Lexine Oliveira explains how to do the technique to make your own amazing cake in the video below. It can be tricky the first couple of timed you do it, so pay close attention! It might take a few cakes before you finally replicate the cool illusion that you see in this video!

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