INCREDIBLE: This Dog Is Smarter And More Talented Than Most People!

I’ve never imagined that a dog could be ‘smart’. Sure, there’s definitely the athletic prowl of dogs that get a lot of exercise, and they can do tricks if the owner works hard at training them for a long time, but beyond that I could never see the intelligence of dogs ‘evolving’ over time in the same way that human intelligence does. I don’t hate dogs or anything, yet I just never figured that something like that could be possible.

Well, it looks like I was wrong! In the video below, 9-year-old pitbull Veronica-Lynn  can be seen with her owner, who has raised her ever since she was a mere 10 weeks old. From the very beginning, her owner has given her plenty of exercise, ample time to socialize with other humans, and non-forced positive reinforcement, all which has enabled her to learn some really cool tricks!

You’ll be able to see Veronica-Lynn pull off an incredible number of accomplishments. Whether it’s being able to put her own toys away when it’s time to clean things up, or fetch her owner a certain object upon demand, it’s truly impressive stuff! Maybe she could teach a class on “How To Make Your Dog Smarter 101”!

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