Late Sports Anchor Stuart Scott Is Remembered By His Daughter!

This story marks the one year anniversary of the unfortunate passing away of sports anchor Stuart Scott, who was infamous in sports as a household name for the work he did on ESPN and many other sports channels as a news anchor. He was known by many of his fans not just as a talking head on the screen, but also a loving family man, and an incredible father. His death was attributed to a cancerous appendix.

He is survived by his two daughters Sydni and Taelor, who have created a video tribute to him that you can view below. They reflect on the best moments that they were able to share with him, and the mementos that he was able to leave behind as a reminder of his legacy. But more than that, he set an example in his household of how to embrace the values of strength and persistence for achieving anything in life.

It is indeed lonely in the household for his wife and his two daughters, but he left behind a message that will forever remain etched in their hearts:  “When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live.”

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