Mom Uses Whitney Houston Song To Put Baby To Sleep!

Sometimes your baby won’t go to sleep and wants to stubbornly pout and shout and whine until you are literally unable to handle the incessant noise they are making. However, it’s times like this where we have to gear up, and think outside of the box to achieve our goal of putting the restless baby to his slumber.

In the video posted below, a tired and stressed out Kimberly Henderson is trying to put her baby to sleep with no luck at all. Everything she’s trying to do has failed so far, and she’s out of ideas. That’s until a big lightbulb springs up in her heard!

She gets this idea of singing “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston, one of her classic ballads that she will always be remembered for. It seems like an odd song choice, but it clearly works as the baby was very quickly headed off to sleep and Kimberly was able to achieve her goal of FINALLY putting that restless little angel to bed!

What lullaby songs have worked for you and your babies? Let us know in the comments below!

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