MUST READ: Five Foods You Should NOT Feed Your Dog!

We want to take care of our dogs and do a good job of it, but we tend to fail more often than we succeed because we don’t understand how to take care of them. Even our best intentions can sometimes lead to disaster for them, so it’s important to educate ourselves on how to treat them. We can start with learning what to feed, and what NOT to feed our dogs. Here’s five foods that you should definitely keep away from them!

1) NO GRAPES OR RAISINS. This tends to induce a loss of appetite, or vomiting within dogs. Take them to the vet immediately if you start seeing them getting sick after accidentally ingesting them.

2) NO AVOCADOS. One, they might take in the pit by accident and start choking on it. But more importantly, avocados contain the toxin Persin that dogs are unable to handle!

3) AVOID SALT. High salt snacks need to be kept far away from them, because excess can cause seizures and vomiting within dogs, and death if it goes beyond that!

4) NO DAIRY. Dogs can also suffer from lactose intolerance, and the side effects range from discomfort to serious problems with digestion. Watch out for this!

5) NO GARLIC. This seems to cause harm to the red blood cells within dogs, which has short term and long term implications.

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