MUST READ: The 4 Biggest Dangers Of Using Your Smartphone Too Much!

Everybody who is a somebody currently owns a smartphone, whether it’s the infamous Apple iPhone series or something from Google, Android, Blackberry – you get the picture. It’s undeniable that these devices have become game-changers over the past 5 years and have evolved rapidly in their computing power and capabilities. With that said, there comes the downside of people who are literally addicted to their smartphones and can’t seem to put them down. You might think this is harmless, but read on to see the 4 worst things that can happen to you if you use your smartphone too much!

1) Vehicle and traffic-related accidents. We know that you probably already know this one, but it’s worth mentioning again. Either we are reckless when we use our smartphones while crossing the street without looking for oncoming cars, or worse, we have the habit of texting WHILE driving. These accidents can lead to serious injury, and death in some cases.

2) Lower attention span. By the time that you notice this happening, you will already have taken a major hit in your ability to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time, both in duration and intensity.

3) Spine and neck damage. When you use your smartphone excessively, your neck slouches forward and your shoulders end up rounding. This results in repetitive strain injuries and back pain, creating a condition known as ‘text neck’

4) Increased sleeping problems. The bright screens of your phone prevents the release of melatonin, and important chemical responsible for inducing deep sleep. You will have a harder time getting proper rest because you are too hyper active, or spend too much time on the phone.

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