MUST SEE: The Only Living Thing On THIS Island Are 20 Pigs!

This is going to seem like a post that could only be real in any sense if it were in a movie, or in somebody’s weird dream. But we swear that this is something that actually exists out there, with well documented footage to prove it!

There’s lots of places that you can visit in terms of exotic islands with water that’s as blue and clear as the sky, lush white beaches, amazing forestation, and the warm sunlight! But one island that’s distinct form the rest is the Big Major Cay island within the Bahamas. You won’t have a problem with any fellow travellers, not because of its rarity, but because the only living things on the island are TWENTY HAPPY PIGS!

You read that right! Known as “Pig Beach”, people often visit this as a tourist ‘must-see’ location, and will bring food for the pigs! You might think that these pigs would attack the humans, but they have proven to be very receptive to our advances.

We can’t exactly say how the pigs got there on their own, but perhaps they were accidentally dropped off by a ship – who knows! Either way, it’s good to see that these pigs have survived and taken advantage of all the abundant resources and amazing climate available to them!

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