Over 1,500 Hens Are Able To Fly For The First Time In Their Lives After Being Rescued!

In one farm that over 1,500 hens were situated in, living conditions were bleak at best. There was nowhere for them to rest because no straw beds were available. If they wanted to go outside and get the necessary sunlight, that was also not an option. And there wasn’t even a cache for them to bathe themselves off from all the dust they accumulated on their bodies during the day. Not the greatest place to be for such a large group of animals, which is why California’s Animal Place sent rescuers to free these birds from their predicament.

The video below shows you the very fateful moment when all of the hens were finally rescued, and able to experience freedom outside of their crates for the very first time in their lives. You’ll see hens flap their feathers when they never had the opportunity to do so, hens walking around for the first time ever, and many more essential privileges that these poor birds were never granted.

Of course, many of the hens were too scared to leave their cages in the first place and needed a lot of help from the rescuers themselves. But even the most fearful hen eventually made their own choice about what they wanted to do.

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