PUZZLE TIME: Find The Hidden Pug In This Picture!

And we’re back, kicking off the new year with yet another fun-filled puzzle to take your mind off of reading yet another mindless article about cute pets, amazing singers, and gracious deeds done by good samaritans for random strangers!

In today’s puzzle, things should be a little easier as the object you’re looking for won’t be surrounded by a bunch of very similar looking things. However, we should say that there’s a little more ‘chaos’ going on in the picture, so you’ll have to focus really hard this time!

Let’s see how many people can find the object in under a minute. Half of the staff at Viral was able to do it, with the rest clocking in between 1 and 2 minutes!


Above is a picture of Smokey the pug, who has clearly not gotten the message that vacations are over as he’s still somewhere in a warm location. He’s still with his friends, but we need to find him so that he can get back to work! Ready to start finding him? SCROLL DOWN AND BEGIN!

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