SHOCKING: Mother Accidentally Gives Birth To Baby In Bathroom!

This story that I’m sending your way was particularly shocking because the way it’s described, assuming the couple is truthful in the story they told, you will not see it coming from a mile away. And neither did they, which is probably why it was featured as a major story on the local news and still has people talking to this very day. Read on to learn more about this controversial story!

Melissa Judd was proud to see herself losing weight over the period of a couple of months. She had no mood swings, no morning sickness, no unexplained weight gain, and her period was regular. Why am I telling you all of this pointless information? Well, it’s important when you hear what happens next!

One day, she was experiencing cramps and went to the bathroom. What she didn’t expect was to give BIRTH to a 5 lb., 9 oz. baby 20 minutes later!

You heard right – an unexpected baby came out of her, and in a bathroom no less! Unfortunately, the baby was a solid purple upon escape from his mother’s vagina. She immediately wrapped him up and went to their neighbour, who she knew was an EMT.

Without the necessary equipment on him to remove the umbilical cord, the EMT called paramedics and they were able to take the mother and baby to the hospital in time. The baby is reported to be healthy so far without any deformities or complications.

Melissa and her boyfriend Nate Smith look at this baby as a miracle that happened when they least expected it, and look forward to raising him. Below is news coverage of the entire event.

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