SHOCKING: Newborn Baby Found In Dumpster!

This story is definitely not for the weak of heart, and I had to take a moment away from my desk when I saw this story because I didn’t want to be real. But it happened, and it was featured on the news.

In October of last year, Sacramento couple Annette and Jimy Alvarez were in their apartment complex when they heard a small scream from the apartment’s dumpster. When they went to see what it was, they were in absolute shock: Amidst the rotten food, flies, and fifty grab was a newborn baby wrapped in the towel!

They were able to warm up the baby in the man’s shirt. and take care of her in time. Had the couple not reached the baby when they did, it would have died just a few short minutes. Thinking fast, they were able to bring the baby to the hospital for immediate care.

Upon further investigation, the story gets worse: It turns out that the baby’s mother was a 13-year-old who left the baby girl, WITH her umbilical cord still intact. Police were able to track down the mother, but her underage status means that she will be kept anonymous. The reason behind her actions is currently unknown.

At the very least, there was a happy ending to this story: Annette and Jimmy have agreed to adopt the child!

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