SHOCKING: When A Couple Wants To Abort Their Upcoming Triplets, Their Surrogate Mother Refuses!

It’s a difficult thing for someone to offer themselves as a surrogate mother, even if they have done it before. The problem is always in issues that come up later during the pregnancy due to abnormal development of the baby, and/or change in interest of the couple to which the surrogate is serving. To make matters worse, sometimes surrogates have their own interests and that leads to a nasty clash between two parties that often times does not end well for either of them.

That’s the position that Brittneyrose Torres found herself in when she offered to be a surrogate for an infertile couple. It was revealed that she was going to give birth to triplets – two males and a female – but that the female would be at medical risk due to developmental disabilities. Although the parents did not want to initially go for abortion unless it was a life-or-death matter, they changed their mind and wanted the girl aborted. But Brittneyrose refused, and the couple would not stand for the possibility of her adopted the child either!

What do you think should have been done? Legally, she cannot be forced to abort the child, but there’s the other side of morals and ethics that come into play with a complex situation like this. Let us know in the comments below!

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